Saturday, December 16, 2017

Photo: Recent Snow Before Christmas Even Starts

 We don't usually get snow, but we got some for about a twenty four hour period not long ago. Our cars got a good bit of it, but I was easily able to get it off with an ice scraper. Didn't even need to use ice melt as the snow didn't freeze up.

Question: Do You Wear Shoes in the House?

If I'm in my pajamas, I obviously won't have them on. But if I'm wearing jeans, I'll have my tennis shoes on. My in-laws are like a traditional Asian family, you wear shoes in the house on purpose, you might get something thrown at you. 

Do you wear shoes in the house?  

Fact of the Day: King Franco

When Francisco Franco overthrew the left-wing government of Spain during the Spanish Civil War, he was able to do this partly over the support of monarchists whom Franco was officially a member. They wanted to restore the Spanish monarchy, however Franco only officially restored it but Spain didn't have a king when he took power. He named himself regent for life, enjoyed the life of a king, but did not carry the title of King of Spain.  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Photo: Chicken and Santa

I got an oil change on my car through Sears, and we use the time waiting for the car to be done by going to the mall. So we ate at the food court, Daisy got one of those freebies from the Chick-fil-a calendar which was some kind of sandwich. While you can't really see it, Santa's booth was behind Daisy and to the right. A massive wave of children were there to greet old Saint Nick. 

Reign (TV Series) Season 2 Review

I originally watched the first season of Reign alone, but my wife noticed it eventually (after turning my down my suggestion due to ignorance of what it was about or if she would like it) and she watched the first season in no time. So eventually it came time for her to watch the second season, and I wanted to watch it with her this time around. While I wasn't the biggest fan in the world, it is well produced and almost all the ladies are just gorgeous on this show as well. I also didn't notice originally, but the woman who plays Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) was Anne Shirley in the works from the 1980's.