Saturday, May 26, 2018

Photos: Smithsonian National Zoo Orangutans

 One of the most interesting sights we saw that day at the National Zoo were the orangutans. We saw this mama with her baby. And the baby sure wanted to climb. 

Question: Do Your Socks Ever Go Missing?

I have to imagine we all go through this. We put socks in the laundry, but some go MIA for no apparent reason. But hey maybe I'm wrong? 

Does anyone have all their socks accounted for? (I doubt it)  

Fact of the Day: Plantagenet Alliance

A small group of people calling themselves the Plantagenet Alliance claimed to be descendants of the House of Plantagenet, and when Richard III's remains were found, they advocated as his "relatives", they would know his wishes on where to relocate his remains. In reality virtually any English person today (and a large number of Americans) are descended from at least King Henry II of England, who was the first king from the House of Plantagenet. Richard III was the last via the House of York cadet branch. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Things I Like: Heavy Shinobi (Sonic Mania)

 Heavy Shinobi is the main boss of the Press Garden Zone of Sonic Mania and a member of the super robots team with the stupid name.

Things I Hate: Shiversaw (Sonic Mania)

 Shiversaw is the first boss in the Press Garden Zone in Sonic Mania. Most phase 1 bosses are weak and this guy sure is.